Precious Metals PM1 Forward Sentiment Gauge

I have a forward-looking sentiment gauge for silver and gold, called PM1, that has an excellent record.  I am using this as a replacement for my previous silver and gold work.  It has longer waves than I1 because it's construction is different.  Here are the history charts and the rule set follows:

The trading rules for PM1 are pretty straightforward. 
If target peak >+.5 then Buy at the trough or -3 whichever is greater, exit at peak or +.5 whichever is less and at +2.1.  Even more reliable if peak is > 1.75.
Stay long if trough following the target >+1.75

If target trough <-.5 then Sell at the peak or 2.1 whichever is less, exit at trough or -3 whichever is greater. Even more reliable if trough is < -1.5.
Stay short if peak following the target<-1.5