Wednesday, December 1, 2010

12/1 noon

SPX is on the way to 1225-1227 by the close of 12/6.  I'm thinking an ascending triangle will form.


  1. Steve

    So that should rap up the B wave from the 1173 low with a C wave taking us to 1156 or the end of the 4th wave up depending on if you are Bear or a bull . SML double topped today with the April 26th high so any upside beyond this point will stop me out and a believer in a 5th wave up. I have a hard time seeing small caps going any higher they are only 45 points from there all time high set in 2007.

    Jack C

  2. Carl,
    Do you have a time frame on this heading down to 666 again based on the model set-up? It had a time frame for the double top, so maybe the execution phase does too.