Wednesday, December 8, 2010

12/8 pre-open

I sold the dollar futures position at 80.25 as stated in the Daily.  I covered the silver short at 29.66.
I am still short Feb. gold having failed to reach 1381.  I hold 4% SDS, 2% UUP, 2% EUO.
I want to go short silver again and increase stock short position.
Crude has to break M/A to go short.

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  1. Good morning, Steve.

    Have you figured out an EW count for gold? Each of the waves down from the high looks impulsive to me, but those impulsive waves started overlapping each other yesterday afternoon and the overlapping action has continued since then. So I'm having trouble coming up with a count that would make the entire move down an impulsive move.

    You've said you'll close your gold short at 1381. Will you consider a long then or just stand aside until gold tags the higher MA?