Tuesday, December 7, 2010

12/7 3:00

Moving average support for Mar. gold at 1379.  Covering short there temporarily.


  1. Steve, why have you picked those MA's as likely support?

    Is it because they are crossing there (that is, when two MA's cross, they are likely to offer support)?

    Or are you just going with the lowest one (the one with the highest number of periods)?

  2. One other question: The way I read your post is that you will cover your gold short at 1379, right? So you currently have an open order to do that at that price, right?

    Will you re-open the short later at a higher price, say on a 50 percent retracement?


  3. pima
    I love intersecting M/As. Currently at 1381, covering until a bounce to the red line.