Friday, September 24, 2010

9/24 10:47

Shorted 1% DJ futures 10,785.  Stop 10,802


  1. History of I1 question: I know that sometimes I1 suggests a decline and yet the market continues to go up. That happened in April, but eventually the downward pressure kicked in and the market tanked. That also appears to be happening now.

    In your experience with I1, what has been the longest time period where this happened? In April it was a couple of weeks, right? We're hitting on a couple of weeks now in September. Have there been any other occurrences of the market rallying against I1 for this long or longer?


  2. I1 peaked 9/10 or 9/13 with a double top. Market peaked 5 sessions later. My stop strategy then was .25% higher than old high. When I1 is on a sell signal then 1 week is all the market holds up. Look it up on the Concepts page. When I1 bottom is below 3.25 that is a sell signal.