Friday, September 24, 2010

9/24 1:10

SPX high Tuesday 1148.59,  orthodox high today 1147.62.  SP futures 1144 Tuesday vs. 1143.50 today.
XMI high Tuesday 1183.65, orthodox and actual high today 1182,13. 
DJI high Tuesday 10,833, orthoday high today 10,852, actual 10,856,
I'm struck by the divergence between XMI and DJI over the past several days.  Their components overlap, but XMI has been clearly holding back.   Changing a stop for 1/4 SDS from SPX 1149.2 to XMI 1185.10. 
So far, SPX and XMI are holding below Tuesday's highs.

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  1. For suggest a strong day (3+ stocks up for every 1 down) volume looks pretty anemic. Dollar looking pretty anemic as well