Sunday, September 26, 2010

9/26 9:45

The 15-minute SP M/A has caught up with price, so 2 points below this 15-minute, 19-unit M/A minus 2 points will be the short point.


  1. When huge bears like me start to consider getting out of their shorts held since April then perhaps its time for the market to turn.

    Steve check out this short analysis on the markets and I would appreciate your feedback.

  2. Steve
    where does the technical composite sit? surely, more below the -10 from last week!

  3. Technical Composite is at -14.

  4. Eastern Edge, you and me both, but I see so many indicators telling me to just stand firm for this last week, and we will start to roll over starting in October.
    I've followed BAMs videos, compelling evidence wouldn't you say?
    Steve, do you think they manage to pop it any higher than 1158 this week?

  5. Eastern Edge

    Thank you for sharing I feel it shows that we have ended the 2nd wave of this bear market and are now entering wave 3 on a long term analysis and a micro analysis.

    Jack C

  6. I think we had it overnight. By coming back down after the pop upward the cash SPX count is unchanged (wave 2 complete).