Thursday, September 16, 2010

9/17 2:38

Covered DJ short 10,571.  Went short again 10,601. 
Dec SP futures high 1130.25.  The June 21st nearest future was Sept and it's high was 1129.50, not the 1127 that I posted earlier.  Nearest future now is Dec so that means we hit the June high at 1129.50 and only exceeded by 3/4 point.
H&S forming.


  1. Who is it who is doing all this buying? Buying EURO and AUD and selling dollars? Ramping up the SP500 and DOW.

    All economic news bad, a military state, housing crash, unemployed all negative.

    Who would buy this much so fast in an overbought market?

    Is it Governments? Computers on their own?

    Seems crazy to me.

  2. It's when the buying is going on. 2:00 ET USA.