Sunday, September 19, 2010

9/19 6:45pm

SP futures at support 1117.50.  I'll wait for 30-minute break (at SP 1115.75 on a 30-minute close) on downside or re-test of highs.  Triangle in DJ measures up there.  To confirm bearish candlestick the market has to end the night session on the downside.


  1. Good luck this week Steve, hope you are rested.
    Somewhere below 1110 would be good asap!

  2. Australian dollar getting ramped again. Will the equities follow?

  3. Chart: ES
    Down channel

  4. My astrologer says september 23 and October 23rd will be ugly days in mkt..I am going sht for the next 4-6 weeks regardless of what Elioottwave is saying my astorloger is $$$$$ in dam bank.