Monday, September 20, 2010

9/20 1:35

DJI > 10,723 gets rid of 1/3 position.  >10,741 gets rid of another 1/3.


  1. Only 0.7 of a point wiggle room before we see a break out. Will it? And then get slapped back down maybe?

  2. Right. The next 3-wave up will make it a triple-zigzag. I have to allow for that.

  3. Steve

    Has to break 10800 to break my back. See e-mailed chart

    Jack C

  4. Jack
    Top was made last week. We are just re-testing here.

  5. So, Steve, you see us falling away today or overnight?

    I know we could stay stay at this level for a while,but it has to break one way or the other today I would have thought?

    I do wish it would get a move on!

    Damns, there go the stops on the positions I put on over the past hours. Oh well. Will it ever stop.!