Tuesday, September 21, 2010

9/21 2:45

Bought another 5% SDS 29.32.
Coming back down under 10,790 will confirm this is a 3-wave up.


  1. move up from bottom right after the announcement looks impulsive (but I suspect all moves after fedspeak look impulsive). So far only 3 up, so we'll see what happens now. If SPX breaks below 1144.48 (top of first wave up off the low), then we have a 3 up. But we could wander around here keeping price above that and then push up for one more high, completing a 5 up.

  2. Steve

    Well that should complete the move and maybe we get a nice decline after 3pm into the close. You called it this morning 10850, we came as close to that as I care to be.

    Jack C