Wednesday, September 22, 2010

9/22 11:00

I issued a dispute on my SDS sell this morning.  Broker came back and said I sold it for 29.86, not 29.87.  I've adjusted the trade history.
Still no break of initial support.


  1. who's your broker, Steve? I use TOS, had been totally happy with them, but lately they've had some problems with software updates. Considering going over to Trade Station. Would save me some commission cost, plus their platform gets pretty good reviews.

  2. Tradestation is relatively expensive, but I can say this about them: I have not lost data or ability to trade at all this year, with the possible exception of the flash crash - and even then I was able to throw a crushed put into the mix for a profit. From what I hear, a lot of other brokers/platforms have had hiccups.


  3. I use E-Trade for stocks and futures. Their stock platform is stable provided, of course, you have high-speed internet and a fast machine. A multi-CPU with a real multi-tasking operating system.
    I don't have problems with their futures platform, but it is restricted to a single CPU which limits the number of concurrent charts.