Monday, April 25, 2011

4/25 Addendum

Raw I1 experienced a lead interval during the Japan quake starting at 7 days and gradually declining.  It should be 4 trading sessions at this time.  Counting Friday as a session then today was top day.  Four actual trading sessions pinpoints tomorrow.
Here is the 30-day I1, indicating a peak either tomorrow or Wednesday.

Silver displays an ending candlestick.  PM1 ideally peaks Wednesday, but silver hitting $50 brought a lot of selling.  I'm currently short from 47.92 and hold ZSL.

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  1. Bernanke's interventions will, ultimately, fail. However, if there is ever a time that he would be pouring on the coals in an effort to save a stock rally for which he has claimed credit, it would be the first week of May, 2011.