Tuesday, April 26, 2011

4/26 12:10

ND futures old high 2403 vs. high today 2402.  I bought QID on this test.
I'll typically use .25% for irregular flats for indexes.  SP futures high of 1343 and .25% beyond gives 1347.50.  If this is exceeded I'll trim back.
Similarly, ND futures past 2409 I'll trim more.


  1. Steve

    I would say the Geithner comments today about the dollar is a signal to the end of QE2 (The US will not destroy the dollar to produce growth), next to be followed tomorrow by further comments from Bernanke ending QE2. RUT is double topping.

    Jack C

  2. Jack, one thing about academics is that they are stubborn. Reality does not bother their theory.

  3. Nothing would please me more than to see Ben bend.