Tuesday, April 26, 2011

4/26 pre-open

Stock futures: Nasdaq 2400 is old highs,  SPX 1342.50 is old highs.  30-day I1 peaks Wednesday.  Until then, I'll sit with a minimal short.

I caught the silver short futures just about perfect, getting in at 47.92.  I have an order covering at 44.12 with a stop at 47.17.


  1. Steve

    Ok, GDP 1.75%, QE2 ends, No rate hike, Fed on the exit slowly, dollar terns up, markets start to correct.

    Jack C

  2. Hi Jack,
    Tomorrow is circus, today is the parade with clowns and elephants. Your assumptions are valid. Ben wants to get the public on his side, but the public can't get behind enriching banks and Wall Street while punishing the middle and lower classes with inflation. When's the last time the rich gave a fig about inflation?
    I don't know about Buffet's politics, but he is absolutely right about the schism widening between the rich and everyone else. Ben's show just reminds the screwed about how he is doing it and denying it.
    But, we play each day as it comes and today is a parade...