Thursday, September 16, 2010

9/16 9:45

No upward spike in the cards.  Short DJ futures and hold 11% SDS.  This is the 4th trading day since the I1 sell signal.
My main trend M/A is cash DJI 5-minute, 380-unit M/A (critical support).  I am keying on this M/A less 1.35% as confirmation of trend down.  This is currently 10,366.  The 30-minute M/A less .5% on a 30-minute close for DJ futures is 10,423.  The cash DJI equivalent is 10,455.  Breaking the 30-minute M/A would erase the bullish psychology and pave the way for the break of critical support.

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  1. Chart: AUD/JPY
    Bearish Bat Pattern.