Monday, April 18, 2011

4/18 3:00

Stocks: I think wave iii of c up has topped.  A down/up to complete, might take into tomorrow.
I've been told that stepping in front of a freight train is disastrous.   Yet, when should one short silver?  The only price that I am confident in is below the 90-minute M/A by 1%, or.7% on an hourly close basis.  Thus, if I don't sell on rallies I have to wait for 40.87, or $2.50 lower.  Now, some smart guys may say that their technical indicators would tell them before that price that the turn had occurred.  I challenge that assertion.  I've followed the silver 90-minute M/A for 7 years and have confidence in it.  Stochastics, MACD, and the rest do not have it's track record.  So, when is a good time to short silver?  I believe that when we have a wave count that makes sense, sentiment gauges that warn of turns in psychology, and cycles that this is about the best we are going to do.  The silver market is a religious experience, rather than supply and demand.  Shorting silver is not an ego trade at all.  I just don't know how to get in without waiting for $2.50 down.  If silver goes flat and the M/A catches up then this gap will narrow, but I can't believe that silver will go sideways.

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