Friday, May 20, 2011

5/20 9:35

Coming into today with just the core short mutual funds in trivial amounts, 1% UCPIX, 1% SOPIX.
DJ, SP futures count 5 up and in triangles for a b wave.  DJ has stalled at 90-minute M/A.  Looking for top 3/25 (next Wednesday) based on raw I1 lead.  An unexpected decline from here through Monday would mean that the lead is eradicated and the series returns to normal.  12,538 will be the alert for a downwave.

SP futures are also at 90-minute resistance, but are at 30-minute support as well.  They have completed the necessary 5 internal waves of a triangle, meaning that rally is iminent.  A 30-minute close beneath 1333.25 would confirm downwave in progress.

I'm still expecting a silver retracement to $39 to go short once again.  When the tide goes out it will take stocks and commodities.

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