Tuesday, May 24, 2011

5/24 10:30

SP futures have been testing their 30-minute M/A with only a minor throwback so far.   Sold 2% SDS at 20.80.


  1. Good morning, Steve.

    Nice end of day commentary yesterday.

    Interesting about the solar lunar model leading the market by 8 days since the Japan quake, and now possibly getting back in sync with the market. Do you have any theories as to what causes this, what causes it to go out and then what causes it to come back in sync?

    Regarding PM's: Because gold and silver cycles have different topping dates, do you plan to just stand aside from those markets? Or do you plan to play one, but not the other, or both perhaps? It's hard to imagine silver going down but gold continuing to go up.

  2. Steve

    Sold my shorts and just went long. Go I1

    Jack C

  3. pima, the wave count in gold calls for one more new high, while with silver it will be far below it's peak.

  4. Jack C, basic trading rule. Bull mkts you are only long or flat. Bear mkt you are short or flat. Any other way you will go broke.