Monday, May 23, 2011

5/23 pre-open

The solar/lunar timing model has exhibited an 8-day lead since Japan, but is returning to accuracy with today's decline.  If the decline bottoms today then it and the raw I1 will resume their synchronicity with the stock market.  This series' buy signal occurs on crossover above +2 which means today is bottom day.
DJ futures are testing their 50-day M/A with an envelope of 70 points.  Things are normal until they decline below 12,312.

Crude is getting crushed, while gold is down nominally.  Silver down 50c.  I still expect rallies in the metals this week.


  1. Steve - based on what I am reading, doesn't appear this is a good spot to add shorts, if bottom today. Should get a pop this week which would be better entry, correct? Thanks for your analysis!!

  2. Looking for entry later. Got off 2% on Friday but want to go much more.