Tuesday, May 31, 2011

5/31 9:35

I just bought 2% DXD at 16.88 with a stop of DJI 12,585.
I began stepping into short stock ETFs with 3% SDS.  I still own the 1% SOPIX and 1% UCPIX short funds that I've held for several weeks.
The NASA and JPL quotes that I pulled concerning the Japan quake point out the sensitive nature of our magnetic field.  Normally the principal factors affecting the magnetic field are the position of the moon, the level of solar activity, and the seasonal shifts in stratospheric and atmospheric currents.  The Japan quake disrupted this relationship not only because it was stronger than Chile (9.0 vs 8.8) but because of the intense and numerous pre- and after-shocks.  I certainly hope this is not a precursor of things to come.  It's affect on the financial markets was magnified because of the level of integration of Japanese society into the fabric of the international financial system.

QE2 ends this month and I am confident the markets will discount this ahead of time.  The rate of change of liquidity will diminish (measured in the monetary base).  This will cause leveraged commodities buying to scale back significantly or cease altogether.  The dollar trade will still exist but it will not be flowing into commodities.  I expect commodities to recover into mid-June regardless of what the stock market does.  Thus the stock market and the dollar will be early in reflecting the reduced scale of liquidity.

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