Monday, May 9, 2011

5/9 9:35

The dollar confirmed it's rally last night with a 90-minute close more than .55% above it's 90-minute M/A. 
It did this in the face of a broad commodities rebound, which is impressive.  Dollar strength should translate into stock weakness, as the stock market tears itself away from gold and silver. 
Stock indexes registered weekly reversals last week so there should be another low ahead.  The DJ futures did not confirm cash DJI critical M/A break last week.  They came down to the lower envelope on Thursday but rallied into the hourly close.
I'm still looking at Wednesday for a low in stocks and a relief rally for up to 8 sessions.

Silver is retracing it's decline from 49.80, on it's way to 40, unless there is a crack-up in stocks.

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