Tuesday, June 7, 2011

6/7 Daily Commentary

Today was the bounce off of April 18 lows.  Yesterday was the top day for the short-term timing component of I1.  I1 remains down into July and it's longer-term sell signal remains until mid-August.  Cycles are down into August as well.  I won't be posting my proprietary indicators because it takes a database load and a bit of time to process on a laptop.  Looking at the charts yesterday you can step forward to arrive at tomorrow's data points.
I bought another 2% SDS this morning as SP approached it's 30-minute M/A.  SP stayed well within the 30-minute envelope and thus SDS did not come close to the 21.52 limit buy to add to the position again.
Currently I hold 5% SDS, 1% SOPIX, and 1% UCPIX in the stock market.

The short-term timing series declines below 11 on Friday.  Thus, Friday will be the first day of solid negative readings and will remain negative for another 10 sessions ending 6/24. 
I bought ZSL short silver this morning as well because it hit it's 90-minute M/A.
At the close I went short the Euro via 2% EUO at 16.42.  If the stock market is on the brink of a serious decline it should be led by a dollar rally.  Once M/As are broken on the upside I'll add to this position.

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