Tuesday, May 3, 2011

5/3 10:30

Back and rested.  SP futures trace a 5 down from the Bin Laden high with a diagonal triangle as the final 5 within it.  They broke their 30-minute M/A (currently at 1360.46) and this sell lasts until a 30-minute close .5% above the M/A.  That makes for a good sell point at the M/A.
I need to re-boot in order to upload images.  Once the current phase of cycle generation is complete I'll boot and include images.


  1. Steve

    Are you looking at an hourly 30 min .5 brake?

    Jack C

  2. Hi Jack, the 30-minute break down has occurred. This means I want to sell on the return to the M/A with a stop .5% above it on a 30-minute closing basis. It's easier to explain with charts.