Friday, March 11, 2011

3/11 9:35

I bought March YM futures last night at 11,977 and sold at 11,960.  I sold 2% SSO at 50.78 which I bought at 50.98, bringing me to 4% SSO.  I'm still holding 2% TLT.
The DJ futures 50-day moving average is at 11,937 with a low on the earthquake of 11,891. 
I compute that the SP futures 50-day moving average at 1297.76 and that it will provide support to 1286.  The lowest 15-minute close was 1285.50 on the quake news.  Any 15-minute close below 1285.50 or a DJ 15-minute close below 11,891 will get me out of SSO.
The current buy stop for March NQ futures is 2287.25.

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