Wednesday, March 30, 2011

3/30 10:45

SP futures marched right into the highs of early March.  The abc up is in wave iv of c, with only a final stab higher to complete.
I still cannot upload graphics.


  1. This market is a bear's nightmare. Will it ever top out?

    Based on where it's trading today and where I1 is going over the next few months, what is your current opinion regarding when a top might form?


  2. Pima
    I still am sticking with May and the formal I1 sell signal. Many of my monthly DeMark counts point to May also for all markets I track. S&P, small/mid cap, developed foreign.
    That's my two cents and to speak for Steve, if I'm wrong forgive and correct, but I'd say he is playing relatively small ball with his always impressively diligent stops in place looking for confirmation of true trend change.
    ps tops are periods rather than bottoms who tend to be events

  3. It seems like the PPT, GS & the other crooks have been using every opportunity for a while now to give the bears false hope and then squeeze 'em. I have even wondered if they use EW theory as an indicator for short squeeze timing. That's probably just a silly conspiracy theory. I hope.
    "It's only a conspiracy theory until it is a conspiracy fact".