Sunday, March 13, 2011

3/13 8:10pm

With I1 up I want to position for a long in the stock market until 3/25.  However, the futures are trading in 3 waves this evening so I'm not in a hurry to re-enter.
I'm holding the short June Euro with an order covering at 138.40. 

Until mid-May I will not be holding large or long-term positions.   Until this time I will short stocks a max of 12% after 3/25.


  1. Spike down in the DX filled a lot of small but open gaps. Still a downside open gap in treasury futures.

  2. steve...I have to hand it to you, without the Jap situation I think I1 would be caring the day. I am assuming I1 does not take into account Force Majeure. When you have a moment would giving us the latest 3 month view for I1 or direct to the day you last posted it. Thx Ben

  3. Ben, I posted the latest I1 chart in the 3/11 Daily Commentary.