Tuesday, March 29, 2011

3/29 pre-open

Got back from handling family affairs in Detroit last night.  Jack and I got together up there and got caught up.  I stayed at 1% SDS while I was on the road but increased it to 2% at 21.51 in ARCA trading.  NQ futures hit a cluster of M/As so I shorted 1% at 2308.25.   Currently my stop is 2305.25.
I1 peaked Friday but as happens often when it peaks Friday the stock market actually peaked 10:30 Monday morning.  SP futures broke 30-minute M/A so the first hurdle is passed. 
I'm working on an inflation model for longer-term timing of stock market trends.  We haven't had to concern ourselves with inflation for decades but now we have Ben.  In a couple of days I'll roll it out.

I1 is down for the next 6-7 trading days and I'll go flat then. 
Silver has hit support and I sold ZSL at 24.64.

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