Sunday, March 27, 2011

3/27 Weekly Commentary

I flew to Detroit on family business.  While I was there I was deluged and unable to get the time for analysis and commentary.  In Albuquerque now and the hotel is great.  I1  p-eaked Friday at the close but I bought a trivial position in SDS and SLV (1% each) at the close Wednesday because I knew the trip would be hectic.  This is an important turning point so I bought another 3% SDS at the close Friday at 21.33. 
The count is an abc for XMI, COMP, and DJI and a double-zigzag for SPX. 

I will keep SDS at 4% unless Monday opens higher, then I'll buy another 2% at 10:30 OR until the DJI critical M/A is broken by 1.35%. Currently this M/A is 12,110.
Gold and silver should retreat into the first week of April when I'll close out my silver short ZSL.

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  1. Welcome back, Steve. You were missed on Thursday and Friday. :-)